Monday, May 04, 2009

Community Association Update

Did you read last month’s Florida Community Association Journal article, Human Relations Made Easy? Here is an excerpt.

Why do some people get along with people better than others? You can tell they have good family relationships, devoted friends, and adoring residents and associates. They seem to have time to have fun, fulfill a passion, interest, or hobby, and take a vacation. The unhappy ones don’t seem to have any of these things and certainly don’t invest their time in others. They are stingy with their time, money, and praise. It’s almost as if they think you will be more motivated by criticism! Fear of criticism only motivates for a short while. It doesn’t work on kids and it won’t work on your employees or residents. And it doesn’t work on YOU.

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Summertime is the time to train your staff. It’s also not too early to think about training your boards of directors when they return in the fall. You know all you have to do is call and I’ll be there as soon as possible.

The Boardmanship manual will be UPDATED and REVISED just in time for training in the fall.

I‘ll be in South Florida on Wednesday, May 26, to speak to the PBCMA. I’d be happy to schedule a stop at your community or organization while in South Florida. And Southwest Florida – you are not too far away for me to conveniently get to!

Have a great summer!

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