Monday, May 08, 2006

Fashion and Fads

I recently received an e mail from Jane who said:
Actually, I don't have comments..but I have a question.. why do fads change from time to time?

My answer was as follows:

The reason fads change is because the fashion industry has to have new clothes to sell every season. So they change the clothes, tell the consumer what they need to wear to look good, depend on the consumer NOT knowing what she/he should wear to look good, make money, and do it all again!

The same is also true of makeup retailers. One year, it's blue eye shadow, next year green, etc. That way you keep buying! It's the same with makeup techniques. One year you line the whole eye, the next just the top lid, the next just the bottom, the next year, it'll be the natural look with no liner. They depend on your insecurity and lack of knowledge! It's a racket.

By learning what YOU should be wearing for your color type, shape, lifestyle, personality, and age, you will be an informed consumer and will be able to say NO to some of those fads in clothes, makeup, and makeup techniques.