Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Marine Son Meets Army Dad in Iraq in September

Friends and Family, I am asking everyone I know to contact Fox News (friends@foxnews.com) and urge them to cover this story. Feel free to also contact Sean Hannity (hannity@foxnews.com), Bill O'Reilly (oreilly@foxnews.com), Geraldo, Ollie North, and anyone else at Fox News. I am hoping large numbers of e mails will get their attention. Don't worry about making up your own e mail. Just cut and paste mine and say DO IT. MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Steve, Gretchen, Ali, and Brian
I love watching you guys. You’re fair, balanced, informative, and hysterical.This will be a great story. I know you can make it happen.

My son, Adam Howard, is a Sgt. in the Marine Corps and will be heading to Iraq in September. His dad, Roy Howard, is a Lt. Col. in the Army and is presently in Iraq with Central Command. Their deployments will overlap about a month – Adam arriving in September and his dad leaving in October.

Roy plans to rendezvous with Adam sometime during that month time frame. Adam is so excited to see his dad he can hardly wait. The Army dad and the Marine son meet for lunch in Iraq!

Adam will be in Al Asad. It's in Anbar Province, West of Baghdad, 30-45 minutes flying time by helicopter. Western Iraq belongs to what's called Multi National Force - West (MNF-W), which is the Marine Corps. It's still dangerous but one of the quietest areas in Iraq now. That's because the Marine Corps cleaned it out with their blood. The entire area will go down in history; particularly, Marine Corps history on a par with some of their hardest fights. It was that tough.The locals in Al Asad are friendly toward the Marines and have been known to say they'll take one Marine instead of a tank.

By the way, Adam joined the USMC five yeas ago when President Bush declared war because Adam wanted to make a difference. He reenlisted last year. This will be Adam’s first trip to Iraq (he has already had two deployments to South Korea, Philippines, Japan, Okinawa, Guam, Thailand) and he still plans to make a difference. Only now he has 86 other Marines under his command to bring home safely.

It will have been a year since Adam has seen his dad. A story on their reunion would be awesome! YOU can make it happen. Send Geraldo or Ollie! I want pictures for my scrapbook. Who better else to take them and do the story than YOU.

Thank you for your fair and balanced support of our troops!

Betsy (the mom)