Monday, August 13, 2007

Image Inside & Out is pleased to introduce two new services--

Personal Effectiveness Coaching

Have time constraints forced you to analyze your personal effectiveness? Need to be more effective in certain skills? You’ve asked for help in improving your personal effectiveness, so here it is. CORE assessments target four specific areas:

-Decision making
-Taking care of yourself and having fun
-Building and maintaining relationships
-Planning, organizing, and scheduling

The fabulous feature of CORE is that it measures your progress in developing your target skills throughout the coaching process.

Coaching begins with an on-line assessment followed by a personal consultation (either in person or by telephone) to discuss the results and identify your target areas for improvement. Then depending on your goals, we’ll follow up with individual coaching sessions until you have reached your desired level of personal effectiveness.

Assessment and coaching begin at $550

Executive Image Coaching

Enhance your career by creating a polished image. Your personal consultation day includes:
-Business communications evaluation; 40-page detailed written report. Includes preferred work pace and environment, strengths brought to your organization, decision making style, motivation keys, and a behavior action plan for improving leadership skills.
-Dressing for your specific industry while maintaining your own personal style
-Creating the desired image for the office, meetings, conventions and business casual
-Identifying your “authority” suit and your “friendly” suit
-Creating the polished look with makeup
-Professional hair styles for men and women
-Suggestions for professional eye glasses
-Lapel designs and necklines
-Accessorizing correctly with jewelry, scarves, ties and belts
-Fabric swatch wallet
-Private shopping lesson

Full day coaching - $550

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