Thursday, May 31, 2007

Want to Improve Your Personal Effectiveness?

I now have a new coaching tool to evaluate your personal effectiveness and optional coaching sessions to help you improve and set goals in any of the areas you wish, such as
(1) decision making and risk,
(2) taking care of yourself/having fun,
(3) relating and empathizing in a healthy way, and
(4) planning and organizing yourself and your work.

The tool allows us to measure your progress in any of the areas you choose to improve. It allows for a "snapshot" of any given day of what skills you are using (or not) on a stress-free day, mildly stressful day, and an out-of-control day. It’s a very interesting self-evaluation!

For more information, call or click, 352/728-5075 or and ask me about the CORE assessment!